What We Do

Eagle Thermoplastics is a manufacturer of weighing accessories and laboratory consumables. Our products are offered through distributors and laboratory dealers worldwide. Our disposable laboratory products are used in virtually every industrial laboratory testing application. We manufacture a wide variety of lab dishes and weighing dishes in aluminum or plastic. The following is a list of current products:

  1. Round Crinkle Dishes with Tabs
  2. Smooth Walled Dishes
  3. Weighing/Drying Pans
  4. General Purpose Dishes
  5. Micro Weighing Dishes
  6. Shallow Weighing Dishes
  7. Hexagonal Weighing Dishes
  8. Pour Boat Weighing Dishes
  9. Square Weighing Dishes
  10. Weighing Vessels
  11. Countertop Protectors
  12. Safety Bottle Carriers
  13. Polystyrene Beakers
  14. Specimen Containers

We are aggressively seeking stocking distributors and dealers both domestically and internationally.  Eagle weighing accessories and related products are easy to sell and offer the added benefit of "repeat business" since they are disposable. All of our products will be shipped in plain cartons and may be private labeled. 

Please browse our select line of products for your testing or weighing applications. 

Our dealer price list, terms, and ordering information are available to distributors and dealers upon request by phone, fax, or e-mail. You will receive an immediate response to your request for information.